Episode Four: Networking

July 8, 2009 by cindy  
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Networking in the film industry is not only essential, it’s a way of life. If you shudder when you hear the word “networking”, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The term has garnered negative responses from all of us in the entertainment industry. You may be glad to know that it might not be as daunting as you originally thought. In this episode we talk about many different ways you can meet people in the industry, not only in LA, but also in cities across the country.


Julie Inmon

Julie is a graduate of The Second City Training Center in Los Angeles with experience on both stage and screen.  She recently appeared in the feature films Disfigured by Glenn Gers and Broken Windows with Michael Gross and Larisa Oleynik.  Her comedy credits include the rambunctious Pool Party and the illustrious cable TV show Manswers.  Julie can often be found performing musical improvisation in venues around Los Angeles.

For more information about Julie Inmon or to contact her please visit her at one of the following locations:

Julie’s Twitter

Julie’s Networking Suggestions

Actorsite -workshop place with classes and events
Women in Film
Hollywood Happy Hour
Hollywood Networking Breakfast

Also, several actors try to start their own power groups, workout nights, etc- just meeting them in acting class and other opportunities sprout off of that.

Hollie Hummel

Numerous television/film/voiceover/commercial/psa/industrial and theatre performances have earned this award winning actor a Telly for 60 Seconds on a Steward’s Journey PSA, plus various other awards. She can also be seen in several What I Like About You episodes, currently rerunning on ABC Family or you may have heard her giggle in Walk The Line.

Thanks to networking Hollie turned producer launching HHGIRL Productions in 2006 working with Oak Films on two Sprouse Twins movies and Academy Award Winning producer/director Bobby Moresco. The Prince and the Pauper is in stores everywhere being distributed by Sony and Kings of Appletown is in process to do the same with a possible theatrical release.

For more information about Hollie Hummel or to contact her please visit one of the following websites:

Hollie’s LinkedIn
Hollie’s MySpace
Hollie’s Twitter

Hollie’s Networking Suggestions

Actor’s Network -818-509-1010. Use Hollie’s name as a reference
APS Entertainment -323-462-2777

Jenna Edwards

In the year 2000, Jenna, made the journey to L.A. to pursue acting. She appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Malcolm in the Middle as well as several independent films. Her natural charisma, inherent organizational skills and art for problem solving led her to producing student films and as of late, her feature film debut, April Showers. Producing has given her a rare gift, one that allows her to truly love her job and to be excited every day about what she can achieve and enable others to achieve. Edwards and her directing partner Andrew Robinson have recently formed their own distribution company called Pure+Motive. Jenna and Andrew have recently begun work on their second feature film collaboration, an adaptation of Dancing Carl based on the novel by three-time Newbery Honor author Gary Paulsen.

For more information about Jenna Edwards or to contact her please visit one the following websites:

Jenna’s Twitter


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  1. Dan McClure on Thu, 9th Jul 2009 7:36 pm 

    Great advice ladies. I believe you all summarized the key ingredients needed to succeed in just about every aspect of life. Your attention to working with people, not just for personal gain, to generate a creative experience which everyone can enjoy is generous and quite insightful. With those kind of ideas you can never go wrong.

    Much success to you in your futures,


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