Episode Six: Begin with the End in Mind

July 22, 2009 by cindy  
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The business side of making a movie doesn’t come easy to most filmmakers, but it’s important to remember that it is in fact a business. This week we’ll talk about some aspects of filmmaking such as forming an LLC and when you should hire a lawyer. These things in addition to good marketing are crucial to your film’s success and these are all steps that need to be taken at the beginning and not the end of the process.


Paul Westphal

Paul Westphal is a highly experienced entertainment, technology, manufacturing, and distribution executive with public and international companies and is a COO and CFO for hire.  He has an extensive career serving as President, Operating Officer, and CFO and he also owns his own company called Westphal Advisory Services. Paul has worked for film studios such as Twentieth Century Fox, Cannon Films, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, Destination Films and All American Communications. Paul provides professional services including operating and financial services for start-ups and struggling companies and he also provides supervision for financial and operating needs.

For more information about Paul Westphal or to contact him please email him at westphal@altrionet.com

Jenna Edwards

In the year 2000, Jenna, made the journey to L.A. to pursue acting.  She appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Malcolm in the Middle as well as several independent films.  Her natural charisma, inherent organizational skills and art for problem solving led her to producing student films and as of late, her feature film debut, April Showers. Producing has given her a rare gift, one that allows her to truly love her job and to be excited every day about what she can achieve and enable others to achieve. Jenna and Andrew Robinson have recently formed their own distribution company called Pure+Motive.

For more information about Jenna Edwards or to contact her please visit one of the following websites:

April Showers
Dancing Carl


All Cities Group
Louise Levison


2 Comments on "Episode Six: Begin with the End in Mind"

  1. Dan McClure on Wed, 29th Jul 2009 6:26 am 


    Just listened to this new episode with Jenna Edwards and Paul Westphal. I must admit that I am more drawn to the creative side of film making than the business end. This look into the legal & financial realm of making movies is an eye opener. It really makes one stand up and take a hard look at a very important aspect of the process. It would be easy to dismiss these necessary proceedures. To do so could be catastophic. Not being well informed about financial issues left me a little confused about forming a corporation or an LLC. I understand the need to protect yourself legally so I imagine it’s mostly about that. Smart business man that Paul Westphal. Seems like a good person to have on your side when it comes to financing and marketing your film. I also enjoyed the comments about Illeana Douglas’s webisodes, “Easy To Assemble”. I have viewed some of those plays and think it is brilliant form of entertainment.

    Take care,


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