Episode Seven: Public Relations and You

August 5, 2009 by cindy  
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Maybe you’re in a position where you can only dream of having your own public relations nightmare, but what you must realize is that it’s never too early to think of hiring a good publicist. The truth is, you are going to be so busy getting your movie made, that you won’t have time to think about how you’re going to get the word out about your amazing film. And what’s the use of making it if no one will ever see it? These are all matters to consider… in the beginning.


Kristi Mohrbacher

Hailing from Denver, Colo., Kristi Mohrbacher traded the Rocky Mountains for the Pacific Ocean to pursue a career in PR in Los Angeles. Her passion lies in emotion and the words, pictures and ideas that stir it, so she has combined her love of marketing and journalism into a career in public relations to help spread the word about projects that inspire! She represented the independent feature film April Showers, and is currently representing Dancing Carl, a family feature film based on Newbery Award-winning author Gary Paulsen’s book of the same name. She is also assisting with PR efforts for the stoner comedy hit High Society: A Pot Boiler, the comedic short about addiction Bed Ridden, the upcoming prequel to Easy Rider called Easy Rider: The Ride Back, and the powerful documentary An American Journey. She graduated from the University of Colorado in 2004 with a B.A. in Marketing, and then again in 2009 with an M.A. in Journalism from the same university. Kristi is the publicist for Pure+Motive films and works at Jolson Creative PR.

To get in touch with Kristi, please email her at kmohrbacher@gmail.com

Jenna Edwards

In the year 2000, Jenna, made the journey to L.A. to pursue acting.  She appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Malcolm in the Middle as well as several independent films.  Her natural charisma, inherent organizational skills and art for problem solving led her to producing student films and as of late, her feature film debut, April Showers. Producing has given her a rare gift, one that allows her to truly love her job and to be excited every day about what she can achieve and enable others to achieve. Jenna and Andrew Robinson have recently formed their own distribution company called Pure+Motive.For more information about Jenna Edwards or to contact her, please visit one of the following websites:
April Showers
Dancing Carl


Small Films with Great Websites

Bottle Shock
Flatland: The Movie
The 2 Bobs
April Showers
Happy Holidays

Other Links

Craig’s List

Kristi’s Note: “Here is an interesting article about the 50 Greatest Independent Films. My guess is the most well-known independant films had great PR campaigns.”


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