Episode Eight: The Business of Making Film- Accounting

August 12, 2009 by cindy  
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When in the business of making a film, one should think about hiring people who know about business. People such as accountants and lawyers provide invaluable services… and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Before you are tempted to tune out this “business-centric” episode, you might want to re-consider in order to learn something you didn’t know about the significant role of an accountant in a film project. In this episode we’ll discuss business tasks that you may be able to handle yourself and those that may be easier handled by a seasoned professional.


Robert Korpas- CPA

The same determination that led Robert Korpas to plan his emigration from Hungary to the USA, complete his education here and start his own business, carries over into his work in helping clients save money with leading edge tax deduction strategies. Robert’s natural curiosity means that he is always asking questions and probing deeper into details to find out the truth about the figures- and that’s definitely a quality you want in a CPA and business advisor. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the College of Notre Dame with a double major in accounting and marketing. He also holds a Certified Public Accounting certificate from the State of California. Robert is a member of the California Society of Public Accountants. Robert’s professional experience covers business management to talent such as Neil Diamond, Gary Marshall,  Ron Livingston, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, Geoffrey Rush, Leigh Whannell, James Wan, casting directors Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirshenson among others. In his spare time, Robert enjoys playing golf, scuba diving, saltwater and freshwater fishing, sailing, traveling and playing tennis, USC Football and networking.

For more information about Robert or to get in touch with him, you can email him at robert@erkfc.com or visit his website www.erkfc.com

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor

For more information about Jenna see the About page or click here.


One Comment on "Episode Eight: The Business of Making Film- Accounting"

  1. Dan McClure on Fri, 14th Aug 2009 7:16 pm 

    Thanks Cindy for another informative podcast and ,cool studio, looking quite professional.

    Even though business usually isn’t my passion I do understand by listening to your show how important and involved it is. By the way, I continue to be impressed by the knowledge of your guests and Jenna. Ms.Edwards is particularly amazing in that she is able to learn this through the school of hard knocks. Combined with your guests high credentials and Jenna’s bright mind, persona and work ethic you have the makings of a really successful team.

    So having said that a few business related questions come to mind. It’s mostly about what individual percentages of a film budget does each financial partner expect. For instance what percentage of the budget goes to the CPA, the investors after receiving original investment back, the actors, the film production, marketing & PR, lawyers etc. What percentage of the costs can you expect to write off ,generally speaking, for taxes. How much of your budget at a minimum will you spend for CPA and Marketing/PR. How do you know when your paying a fair price and getting reputable information from financial advisors. Phew, that’s a lot of questions. Makes me wonder how after everybody else gets paid there’s enough left for the individual who created the movie.


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