Episode Ten: The Recap Episode

August 26, 2009 by cindy  
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In this episode Jenna and Cindy recap what’s been covered so far during the development season. Cliff’s Notes will be reviewed for all nine episodes, so you’ll be able to get a taste of what you’ve missed! We’ll also preview what’s in store for the rest of the season.



3 Comments on "Episode Ten: The Recap Episode"

  1. Dan McClure on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 5:58 pm 

    Cindy & Jenna,

    Always enjoyable to listen to your conversations on the show. Your enthusiasm and zest for film making is indeed entertaining, educational and energizing. I do think Cindy should do more rap affects because it nearly got me on my feet to brake dance. It shows some of her hidden talents outside podcasting.

    Plans for future shows sound interesting. I have really been impressed with past guests.
    I would like to hear more about the different roles in the hierarchy of producers and directors. When you start talking about assistants, executives, line etc. directors and producers it gets confusing. For instance in April Showers I was well aware of Andrew’s, Jenna’s and April’s positions but not the others such as Executive Producer, Assistant Director etc. I also am interested in legal issues about copy rights and other means for protecting your work. When you approach a writer about doing a movie on their book do you do a screenplay or other format to condense everything for the movie and do you get legal protection. Also I had mentioned previously that when it comes to budgeting and working with accountants how do you break down in percentages where the money goes. Not interested in knowing amounts for individuals just how much,generally in percentages, can you expect to set asside for all involved in the production. When it comes to finding investors what, as a general rule, do they expect to make on a film above their initial investment.

    Looking forward to what is next


  2. Nadine on Wed, 20th Apr 2011 4:51 pm 

    I just recently found your podcast and I want to say “thank you for making it”. For a while I wanted to be a film maker but I thought I would have to go back to school to do it. But you guys have given so much information here that I know I can do it. I just need to ask question, work hard, and know I can’t do it alone.

    I’m slowly making my way though. I’ only on number ten now but i hope to catch up to current episodes soon and start making films too.

    thanks again and keep up the great work.

  3. cindy on Wed, 20th Apr 2011 5:09 pm 

    Thanks for your comments, Nadine! We enjoy making the podcast and hope you find the other episodes helpful as well. Find us on Facebook and leave a question or comment on our wall!

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