Episode Twelve: Lining up the Producer

September 15, 2009 by cindy  
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Episode12_photoThe role of the line producer can change depending on the size of the project and budget. All rumors will be put to rest during this podcast as Tim Ryder sets the record straight about what exactly a line producer does. Tim shares his experience working on successful television shows, webisodes, and independent films and he also shares his non-film industry experience that helped him to become the line producer extraordinaire that he is today.


Episode Twelve Guests


Timothy Ryder- Producer

Mr. Ryder began his career in feature film marketing and reality show programming for such companies as Paramount Pictures, Orion Pictures, Disney and MGM.  He joined Carsey-Werner Productions in 1989 on the critically acclaimed but short-lived Davis Rules with Randy Quaid and Jonathan Winters.  He went on to work for ABC, CBS and NBC prime-time sitcoms and reality programs. Mr. Ryder was then invited back to Carsey-Werner as Co-Producer of the smash hit 3rd Rock From The Sun.  He subsequently served as Consulting Producer for the company, handling the shows Men Behaving Badly, Townies, Damon, Earth Scum, and That 70′s Show.  He eventually served as Associate Director for two seasons on Bill Cosby’s second series for CBS, Cosby. He has since produced various independent feature films, including the award winning Follow Me Home with Alfre Woodard and Benjamin Bratt.  After a three-year stint on the NBC hit 3rd Rock From The Sun, Mr. Ryder accepted a more artistic position within Carsey-Werner Productions, in which he took on the responsibility of Picture Editor and Associate Director for That 70′s Show.  He edited the first five seasons of the popular sitcom before departing amicably from Carsey-Werner to establish Raptor Productions, which presently has several feature film projects and teleplays in development.  Currently he is co-producing the feature film production of Wrath Of Cain, starring Ving Rhames, Robert LaSardo and Robert Patrick (of Terminator 2) as well as show editor for Rita Rocks (Lifetime) and Romantically Challenged (ABC Network).

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor

For more information about Jenna see the About page or click here.


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  1. Dan McClure on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 6:50 pm 

    Remarkable the talented individuals interviewed on your show. It amazes me to hear the stories of not only the different projects these experts have done but how they came to be. The deeper one gets into this independent film process the more of a chess game it becomes. Being able to find investors, talented writers, directors, producers,cast,crew etc. then juggle the business with the art and do it in a workable fashion is an art form itself. Explaining the different chains of command is quite helpful yet still complicated to imagine if you’ve never been there. I heard for the first time about a Unit Production Manager but am a little unclear about that. I liked the hour glass analogy of the system. It would be interesting to hear or see a a mock movie making process with an organizational chart from top to bottom showing when and what each position does from beginning to end of the film process. Also when Tim was asked how to get started he said just do it. That sounds good but I know from experience some average Joe can’t just walk into a situation and say hey will you let me tag along so I can learn to produce. You have to have some connection so a mentor will want to take the time to teach you. Also I still wonder a lot about how and who you approach to invest their money in your particular dream if you have no track record.

    Lots of answers, lots of questions,great show


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