Episode Twenty-Two: Design on a Dime

January 6, 2010 by cindy  
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Episode22_photoDid you ever wonder who’s responsible for all of the props and sets on a film? You may be surprised to find out that this person is actually responsible for the entire look of the film. Any visual element, which is pretty much every part of a film, has to go through the Art Department. Azra Ali shares a bit about her experience as a Production Designer and schools us on what exactly that means.


Episode Twenty-Two Guests

Azra Bano Ali- Production Designer

Azra_PhotoAzra Bano Ali was born in Hyderabad, India and moved to the States at an early age. Growing up she enjoyed making home movies with her family and knew that is the direction she wanted to head in. She attended Penn State University’s Film and Video program where she focused on Art Department in her last years. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles and has been working in the Art Department ever since dabbling in all aspects of the Department. She loves working in production and wouldn’t work in any department other than Art.

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor


For more information about Jenna see the About page or click here.


2 Comments on "Episode Twenty-Two: Design on a Dime"

  1. Dan McClure on Sat, 9th Jan 2010 3:31 pm 

    Thanks to Cindy, Jenna & Azra for sharing information related to Production Design, something possibly overlooked by the general viewer, but so important to the success of the movie. I recall during the April Showers production all the different props and visuals that were on set. I helped construct the memorial wall and clean up walls after the school shooting scenes. Just those particular jobs made me realize what a monumental task being involved in art & production design would be. I remember pictures of Azra doing her magic and wondering about her personal history. Since I studied intricately all the cast @ crew bios I recall thinking that from an outsiders point of view it is easy to focus on the actors and directors/producers/photographers but not give as much attention to the duties of the Production Designer. Seeing it in more depth makes one realize what unsung heros these people are. I did wonder if Production Designer/Art Directors are the primary creators of what each set should entail or do they work largely off of what the Director suggests. I envision it is both. Nice to see the Film Method episodes back in action and enjoyed the show.

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