Episode Thirty-Seven: Film Finance Revisited

May 5, 2010 by cindy  
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Raising money for your film can be the most daunting task in all of filmmaking. In this episode, Securities Attorney John Cones and filmmaker Justin Evans give their pearls of wisdom about raising money and making the hard sell of getting financing for your film more attractive to potential investors.


John & Justin’s Links

For Info on Tax Code 181- Google info on Bill HR4213
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Hard Money- Article in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine by John Cones
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Justin Evans Twitter Page
Humble Magi Facebook Fan Page
Humble Magi Website

Books about Business Plans:

Getting the Money: A Step by Step Guide for Writing Business Plans for Film by Jeremy Juuso
Filmmakers and Financing, Fifth Edition: Business Plans for Independents by Louise Levison

Jenna & Jeremy’s Links
In the Darkness on Netflix
Indiegogo for Who Killed Jane Finch?

John Cones- Securities Attorney


John Cones is a securities/entertainment attorney who has practiced in Los Angeles for eighteen years advising independent feature film producers and others on matters relating to investor financing of feature film and other entertainment projects.  He has prepared or participated in the preparation of business plans and/or the required securities disclosure documents, along with Blue Sky compliance for more than 250 such offerings during his 18 year securities law career, including public and private production-money offerings for feature films, television pilots, documentaries, infomercials, live stage plays and Internet companies. His clients have produced or distributed some 51 feature and documentary films with funds raised through such offerings. Mr. Cones also works with entrepreneurs on investor financing of business start-ups. In addition to several articles, he has authored six books on those same topics including Introduction to the Film Industry- A Guide for Students, Filmmakers and Scholars, Dictionary of Film Finance and Distribution- A Guide for Independent Filmmakers, Film Industry Contracts, 43 Ways to Finance Your Film, The Feature Film Distribution Deal and Hollywood Wars.  He also hosts a Q&A Internet site about investor financing of entertainment projects at http://www.mecfilms.com/coneslaw/finforum.htm He is a member of the California and Texas bar associations. Mr. Cones resides in Westlake Village, California.

Justin Evans- Producer/Writer/Director

Justin Eugene Evans began his first theatre company at 14 and began making films at 15. He is the only undergraduate in NYU’s history to complete a feature film while in school. Justin is the founder, former CEO & Creative Director of Mystic Arts in Beijing as well as the owner and producer of Humble Magi, LLC and Oojah, LLC, which have offices in New Mexico and Michigan. He has been a film professor and art director in the video game industry. Justin was also the writer, director, cinematographer, producer, editor and art director for the 2007 film, Saturday Night Special.

Recently, Justin finished the feature film, A Lonely Place For Dying. The preview screening of this film won the Heineken Red Star Award at The Santa Fe Film Festival in 2008 and won rave reviews at its premiere at the KiMo Theater in Albuquerque, NM in 2009.

Justin has been featured twice in Variety, twice in Moviemaker Magazine, and a mini-doc about his film aired on IFC throughout January 2009. Justin is a skilled graphic designer, photographer, production designer, screenwriter, cinematographer, director & producer and resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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