Episode Forty-Nine: Icons Panel #3

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The Icons event was held on Saturday, July 24th during Comic Con. Film Method conducted a total of four panels at the event. Here is the recording from the third panel of the day with Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie and filmmakers Scott Baker, Philip Stimmell, and Irving Martinez.


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Bonnie Gillespie- Casting Director/Producer

Bonnie Gillespie began her casting career in 2003 with three shows for the Fox Broadcasting Company. After four months in television, Bonnie cast a $25,000 budget SAG feature film and her specialty was born: Helping visionary filmmakers tell amazing stories at a low-budget level with the finest actors working today. Through a casting philosophy that includes choosing excellent material, working with outstanding people, and pursuing storytellers who aren’t in it for the money, Bonnie has developed a reputation for attracting award-winning actors to bring festival-bound indies to life. Bonnie has been named one of Hollywood’s top casting directors in Back Stage West’s “The Best of Los Angeles” issue four times. She has been interviewed on BBC Breakfast, on UTV-Ireland’s Gerry Kelly Goes to Hollywood, on CBC Radio One’s show Q, and for the E! gossip column and podcast The Answer B!tch. She has also hosted Inside Casting and The Reel Deal for Virtual Channel Network, a website run by Breakdown Services and The Hollywood Reporter. She is co-founder of Your Actor MBA and exec producer for interview series Casting Qs on www.somebodysbasement.com. For more information about Bonnie Gillespie, visit www.cricketfeet.com.

Scott Baker- Writer/Director

Scott Baker, a native of Northern California, received a degree in History from Sonoma State University and served in the United States Peace Corps from 2000-2001 in Turkmenistan.  He co-founded Vegan Cannibals Productions with Philip Stimmell in 2002.  Their first film, Brunch of the Dead was a feature-length zombie-comedy.  Since re-locating to Riverside they have done several award-winning short films, including Rationed which screened at this year’s Cannes Short Film Corner and 2 episodes for their new series Findings (think Ghosthunters meets Reno911!).  You can find out more at www.VeganCannibals.com
Scott’s film Rationed was 2nd runner-up in the world finals of 48 Hour Film Project, aka, Filmapalooza as part of the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The film was also selected for a showcase at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner Marche du Film).

Philip Stimmell- Special Effects Make-Up Artist/Actor

Philip Stimmell is a award winning makeup artist who works for VeganCannibals since 2002. Philip graduated from Joe Blasco school of makeup in 2008 and has been seeking out the most challenging effects and makeup to conquer since. Phil did most his growing up in Sonoma County Ca with his friend and director of VeganCannibals ‘Scott Baker”. They have been working on films together since. Phil aims to gross out audiences with his wicked style and gore he brings to the table.

Irving Martinez- Director/Writer

Irving M is an alternate world variation of the 25th Century Human Artist of the same name. Meet Earthbound M, specializing in Cinema, Graphic Design & Illustration. Primarily a director, congruently a writer, involvement in the storytelling process including art direction, story boarding and sometimes acting. Strongly motivated by mixing genres as a storytelling signature; early work is best known for harmonizing the comedy and sci-fi realms as exemplified by the 2011 web series Hysteria, California, and earlier works such as: The Return of the El Diablo (with Blast Radius Productions), and (Devil’s) Day Job (with comedy sketch troupe The Insanities).

Visit www.imbeta.net for a collection of works presented in chronological order as conception begets regeneration.


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