Episode Fifty-Two Part 1: Actor & Filmmaker Promotion

September 4, 2010 by cindy  
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One of the most important skills to learn as an actor or filmmaker is self-promotion. Join independent film marketer Sheri Candler and actor/filmmaker Jenn Page for this chock-full-of-good-info podcast. There’s so much information that we had to split it into two parts! Actors and filmmakers, you won’t want to miss this show!


Sheri Candler- Independent Film Marketing and Publicity

Sheri Candler is an inbound marketing strategist who helps independent
filmmakers build identities for themselves and their films. Through the
use of online tools such as social networking, podcasts, blogs, online
media publications and radio, she assists filmmakers in building an
engaged and robust online community for their work that can be used to
monetize effectively.

Sheri Candler’s Website

Jenn Page- Actor/Director/Producer

After obtaining her degree in theatre performance form Southern Illinois University Edwardsville she earned her wings in New York City acting in independent films including the multi-award winning short Off. With the intention of furthering her acting career she moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after her arrival she decided that the best way to get work was to make her own. She began producing projects for herself and formed her first production company. Since then she has acted, produced, and/or directed feature films, short films, music videos, and stage shows. Directing has become the main focus for Jenn as she found that not only does directing allow her to utilize everything she has learned over the years, but it is her true passion.

Luminave Films
Reel Star Makers

Important Information & Links

Facebook Vanity URL
Bonnie Gillespie’s Facebook Page (casting director)

Boosting your Google rating

1. First, find out who you are now
- www.onlineidcalculator.com (log out of Gmail first before you run it for
more accurate results)
- www.addictomatic.com (makes a dashboard of your personal mentions)

2. To Boost Your Rating
-Get a LinkedIn account, even if you don’t plan to use it
-Get on IMDB
-Join actor and filmmaker networking sites, not just Facebook and Twitter
Examples for filmmakers: Production Hub, Massify, indieProducer.net
-Leave comments on prominent industry sites
-Check Technorati or Alexa for well trafficked sites, and leave comments of value, do not just say “great post”. Make sure you fill in your name, email and website, this is good for building inbound links on your site and for raising your profile.
-Another site to check out to post yourself on many social networking sites in one go, Knowem. I don’t like it much myself as my goal is to only be on sites I actually visit, but if you do want to spread yourself out or you are just getting started on social networking and would like to go to one site and sign up for many at one time, try Knowem.
- Use Websitegrader to evaluate how you are doing with your site and see what can be tweaked to raise your score.


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