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October 12, 2010 by bmcclure  
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The Film Method Mail Bag is an opportunity for you to ask us questions you have about making your own film. Producer Jenna Edwards will be answering your questions in her weekly blog found on her website at Email us at with your questions today!


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  1. Sherif Reindord on Tue, 21st Dec 2010 7:00 pm 

    Am a big fan of your show and a huge supporter of what you do for the Independent filmmaking community.
    Am in my last year in Film school back in New York. Unlike the regular film student I’ve actually had a some experience working on a couple of sets and know the tendious planning that goes into a production. I feel am ready to pursue bigger things, primarily, a feature film. I have really great idea for a story which I have already penned 30 pages for and gotten some great responses from people outside my circle of friends. My target is young adults and fathers. Is a story about a man with voyeuristic tendencies trying to start a family. Is a dark-comedy and has some elements of film-noir, dry sharp humor and Horror. I want to be realistic and say, It’ll best to be a staright to DVD release or if possible online distribution.
    I’ve been searching investment networks looking for legitimate investors. I know I need some sort of business plan or from what I recall you saying on your show a SUMMARY, to show accountants to prepare a professional business plan. Do you have any advice or any contacts to stare me to the right channels? Also, what should I tell lawyers when I approach them with a business plan or questions on how to approach this endeavour? How do I attract investors? and How do I know which one’s mean business?

    Thank You,
    Sherif R.

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  3. Pete DAlessandro on Thu, 21st Jul 2011 4:27 pm 

    Hi -

    Film Method has provided me with a lot of great advice over the past few months. I’m gearing up to shoot my first short since film school, and I will say that I think you’d be proud of the pre-production efforts thus far.

    My big stumbling block at this point is what to do with my short (or anything independent I do in the near future). I want to make my film accessible online to an audience. I have no delusions about making hundreds of cents on this film, but I’m looking for some resources where I could educate myself to the avenues of online marketing and distribution. It seems like every company (createspace, itunes, etc) has a product or platform, but no one can tell me how to decide between them.

    Thanks for providing the service that is Film Method.


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