Episode Fifty-Six: Working with Animals in Film

October 27, 2010 by cindy  
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You may be surprised to learn that using animals in your production may not be completely out of the question if you’re working on a low budget project. Join us as we listen to expert Andrea GoldĀ  talk about her experience in working with animals in film. Tune in if you’re considering using animals for your film or even if you’re just an animal lover or filmmaker! Jeremy McGovern of Mattoid Productions sits in as guest co-host.

Andrea Gold-Animal Trainer

Andrea has been working with animals for the last 10 years. After receiving a degree in Wildlife Management and Animal Behavior, she began her career training animals for movies and television. Her specialty is training exotic animals. She works with Elephants, a Rhinoceros, Pelicans, Monkeys, Tigers, Bears, as well as dogs and cats. She has worked on projects such as: Into the Wild, Hotel for Dogs, In the Darkness, Fight Science, Eaten Alive, I Shouldn’t be Alive, and Pedigree Adopt-a-Pet. One of her greatest fears is jellyfish.

A2Z Animals

Jeremy McGovern-Producer/Writer

In the last 12 years Jeremy McGovern has worked on marketing campaigns for Hollywood films, businesses of his own, Fortune 500 companies, charities and smaller local businesses. During this period McGovern also graduated Magna Cum Laude with his BA from Columbia College’s film program with a double emphasis in Directing and Writing for cinema and television.

During his studies at Columbia, McGovern gained the opportunity to work with Participant Productions on the release, alternative marketing, and social action campaigns for Angels In The Dust, The Kite Runner and, Jimmy Carter; Man From The Plains. In this period McGovern also gained invaluable work experience on a myriad of short films, documentaries and music videos.

While still at Columbia, McGovern was recruited by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts where he worked as Operations Manager for their flagship Resort/Spa and Wellness Center for three years. After leaving the corporate world McGovern transitioned back into film by co-founding Mattoid Entertainment with Jenna Edwards and Andrew Robinson where he has co-produced, written and developed projects for the company as well as working heavily in the companies cutting edge Marketing, Distribution and Social Media divisions.

Mattoid Entertainment


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