Episode Fifty-Nine: S3LA Event with Film Method Part 2

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On November 11th, 2010 Film Method and Mental Eclectic held their first joint Shorts ‘N Spirits Showcase together. The event featured many different web series and shorts and included industry speakers as well. Film Method was there to capture it! This is part two of the interviews we conducted at the event with filmmakers Tom Konkle and Thor Melsted from the short film Destiny’s Stop, director Doug Cwiak and the cast of The Unemployment of Danny London and actor and artist Alexander Polinsky who was one of the speakers at the event.

Tom Konkle- Actor/Writer/Producer

Tom is apart of an acting and writing team with David Beeler, often performing as a British sketch duo in shows Good Night and Double Act. They are currently developing and writing several television series and download-able content and mobile TV through their company Pith-e Productions. Tom was the founder of the infamous sketch troupe, McFwap. He also writes comic short films with Gino C. Vianelli.

Recently partnered with John Cleese as a performing team on a sketch comedy TV special. Developed three television series pilots with Beeler as well as two series with Brittney Powell.


Thor Melsted- Filmmaker

Thor was born in Iceland, where he lived until age 24, at which point he moved to LA and went to film school and eventually earned a degree in Cinema. He has worked on several projects, doing visual effects for multiple projects, including one feature film. He met David Beeler and Tom Konkle in 2003 when he worked on their short film, Secret to Happiness is a Bad Memory. He became fast friends with the comedy duo, and has been associated with the “Dave and Tom” team in one way or another since then. Mostly behind the scenes in various roles, but ventured in front of the camera once as a Viking opposite Tom Konkle’s time traveling documentarian. The surreal western Destiny’s Stop is the first Dave and Tom project Thor has directed.


Doug Cwiak- Producer/Director

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Doug went to college at the University Of California, Los Angeles and received his bachelor’s degree in Film and Television. His short film, The Beginning of December (2008), premiered at the GIAA Film Festival in New York and went on to play at 7 other film festivals. He has been professionally involved in the industry since 2000, working on projects in capacities including writer, director, director of photography, producer, and editor. He owns Industrial Media Arts a production/post-production company.


Alexander Polinsky- Actor/Writer/Producer

Alexander has been a working actor in Hollywood for 27 years. As the youngest actor on the set of Charles in Charge (1987), Alex often found himself with nothing to do between takes. As a result he got into arts and crafts and just kept going with it. When the series ended, he got a job making movie-prop collectibles such as replicas of the mask worn by Jim Carrey in The Mask (1994). He trained to be a master mold maker with a special-effects company.

In addition to teaching acting and voiceover Alexander is also a songwriter. He’d also like you to know that, “I make art for fun, I’m never bored, have a terrier, and I love Kombucha Tea!”


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