Episode Sixty-Two: Distribution and Film Festivals

January 19, 2011 by cindy  
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We continue our month of episodes about distribution and celebrate the season of Sundance that is upon us as we speak to former Sundance short film programmer Roberta Munroe. As a festival programmer Roberta viewed tens of thousands of short films and has seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is important as a filmmaker to know how to make a good film and to know your audience. It is equally as important to know what not to do! Join us for a candid talk about what festival programmers are looking for in a film.

Roberta Munroe- Filmmaker/Author/Consultant

Roberta Munroe is the author of How Not To Make A Short Film: Secrets From A Sundance Programmer- described as the “bible” for short filmmakers. Roberta packed this “bible” with insider tips gleaned from 5 years programming short films at Sundance, interviewing successful short filmmakers worldwide and sharing the horrors and the brilliance of her own award winning short filmmaking career.


You can contact Roberta directly at filmconsulting@robertamunroe.com

Jenna Edwards- Producer

Jenna Edwards began her film career in Minnesota where she was signed on as talent with Easter Hailey. Quickly after being signed Edwards was hired by the agency as a full time employee giving her a head-start on her Hollywood education. After two years of rising through the Minnesota film community Edwards made the move to Los Angeles.

Soon after Edwards moved to Los Angeles she was hired by Agent Jamie Ferrar. It was while Edwards was working for Ferrar that she developed an interest in the casting process, before long she had moved from talent agencies to working in casting with such industry leaders as Sally Steiner (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World), Barbie Block (Jonas, Pepper Dennis) and Allison Jones (Super Bad, The Office). During this time Edwards was also able to gain valuable production experience working on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, and working with studios like Disney, MTV, FOX and CBS.

After several years of successfully navigating her career through the Hollywood studio system Edwards made the leap to independent film with her first feature April Showers. After her success with April Showers Edwards formed Mattoid Entertainment with partners Jeremy McGovern and Andrew Robinson where they made, In the Darkness,  the first narrative feature to ever premiere on Hulu.com.  Most recently Edwards made her way back to Nebraska, where she shot April Showers, to team up with some new filmmakers on a comedy film called Trunk’d.

Mattoid Website

Aydrea ten Bosch- Writer/Producer

Aydrea, a former news reporter, has been a freelance writer for Nickelodeon and Hawaii Film Partners, a staff writer for Disney and currently has a feature film in post production with Highlander Films. Aydrea has been a finalist in the AAA Creative Screenwriting Contest and while at Disney, one of her scripts was chosen to represent the network before the Emmy Nominating Committee. She also runs the blog The Oreo Experience.

For more information about Aydrea or to contact her please visit her website at www.theoreoexperience.com

White on the Inside Christmas Video


4 Comments on "Episode Sixty-Two: Distribution and Film Festivals"

  1. Igor Vilusic on Mon, 21st Nov 2011 4:50 am 

    Thank you so much for sharing this interview with Roberta Munroe, i just discovered her book about the short movies. I am a film maker in training, so i am looking for directions in the “internet jungle” of distribution, and hoe to hande the whole process.

    Greeting from Bosnia & Hercegovina

  2. cindy on Mon, 21st Nov 2011 11:02 am 

    Hi Igor, I’m glad you found Roberta’s episode helpful! How is the film community in Bosnia?

    Thank you for your comment and good luck with the distribution of your film! If you have more questions you can send them to Jenna at info@film-method.com.

  3. Cricket on Wed, 1st Feb 2012 10:04 am 

    I really enjoyed the interview. I had sent a short film to Sundance and was rejected.
    I am offering to those who either finished submitting to fests, who don’t want to submit to fests, tired of being rejected at fests…for shorts & features in ALL genres. I’m trying to help artists find their audience and earn some money along the way. I’m just having difficulty finding filmmakers because I’m in NC. Check out http://www.watchmyindiemovienow.com and go to Drama and you will see my movie for free. If you want to look at Horror, I have a 3 minute short for $0.97. I hope you’ll go to the contact page and send an email and let me know what you think.
    Cricket Ellis

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