Episode Sixty-Seven: Communicating Your Vision

March 30, 2011 by cindy  
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When you arrive on set that first day, you want to make sure that your creative team has a plan in place. The goal is to take the vision that you’ve fleshed out and communicate that to your crew to execute the game plan in order to have a successful shoot! DP Geoff Goodloe and Director Ace Underhill join us to talk about their working relationship and also about the importance of having a plan in place before the first day of production.

Geoff Goodloe- Director of Photography

Geoff is a DP and Camera Operator from San Diego. While having only been in the business for 5 years, Geoff has worked on hundreds of productions, ranging from music videos and shorts to multi million dollar feature films. He attributes his success to being adaptable, and forging through when others would have walked away. Geoff currently resides in Los Angeles, but his work takes him around the country.

Geoff’s Facebook Page

Ace Underhill- Director

Ace Underhill has worked in the film and television industry for over 13 years, blending extensive technical knowledge with an award-winning artistic edge.  He founded Brilliant Screen Studios, a full service film & television studio as well as a feature film production company.  He has served on the San Diego Filmmakers Board of Directors and was part of the Advisory Group to the San Diego Film Commission.  Brilliant Screen also supplies productions of all sizes with crew, consultation, and equipment. Brilliant Screen Studios

Ace’s Facebook Page

Jenna Edwards- Producer

Jenna Edwards began her film career in Minnesota where she was signed on as talent with Easter Hailey. Quickly after being signed Edwards was hired by the agency as a full time employee giving her a head-start on her Hollywood education. After two years of rising through the Minnesota film community Edwards made the move to Los Angeles.

Soon after Edwards moved to Los Angeles she was hired by agent Jamie Ferrar. It was while Edwards was working for Ferrar that she developed an interest in the casting process. Before long she had moved from talent agencies to working in casting with such industry leaders as; Sally Steiner (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World), Barbie Block (Jonas, Pepper Dennis) and Allison Jones (Superbad, The Office).

During this time Edwards was also able to gain valuable production experience working with studios like Disney, MTV, FOX and CBS.

After several years of successfully navigating her career through the Hollywood studio system Edwards made the leap to independent film with her first feature April Showers and has since successfully produced 4 feature films as well as co-hosting the Film Method podcast and teaching producing classes at New York Film Academy.

After her success with April Showers Edwards formed Mattoid Entertainment with partners Jeremy McGovern and Andrew Robinson where they produced the first ever made-for-internet movie, In the Darkness, which premiered on Hulu.com. Mattoid has recently made the leap to distribution, where they have acquired three feature documentaries to be released in 2011.  The first, Adopting Haiti premiered as the #1 documentary on Hulu.com.

Aside from continuing to work at Mattoid, Jenna is busy working on budgets for several independent films, producing 2 feature films and developing projects for television as well as teaching producing at New York Film Academy.

Mattoid Entertainment Website

Producing Sunflowers Website


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