Episode Seventy-Eight: Writing with Julie Gray

July 6, 2011 by cindy  
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Behind every great film is a great script and behind every great script is a great writer or team of writers. The month of July is dedicated to the topic of writing as it is a crucial part of the filmmaking process. Writer and script consultant Julie Gray and writer Aydrea Walden join us to discuss the importance of writing good characters.

Julie Gray- Writer

A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Julie directs the Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition and The Golden Age of Television Competition. Julie consults privately with a variety of writers all over the world and has taught at the Oxford Student Union at Oxford University, The West England University in Bristol, Wilmington University in Delaware and San Francisco University in Quito, Ecuador.

Julie teaches screenwriting classes at Warner Bros., The Great American Pitchfest, The Creative Screenwriting Expo and the Williamette Writer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon.

A volunteer at the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, Julie is co-founder of Stories Without Borders, a non-profit organization committed to fostering the creative voices of students and women through the medium of film. A resident of Los Angeles, California, Julie’s book, Just Effing Entertain Me will be available as an audio and E-book in August, 2011.

Julie’s Website- www.justeffing.com

Aydrea Walden- Writer

Aydrea has written for The Seattle Times, the Now Write! Screenwriting book series, The Second City Los Angeles, iO West, Hawaii Film Partners, NBC/Universal, Highlander Films, Nickelodeon, and Disney. She also runs the satirical blog, The Oreo Experience–My Life and Times as a Super White Black Person. For more information about Aydrea or to contact her please visit her website at www.theoreoexperience.com


3 Comments on "Episode Seventy-Eight: Writing with Julie Gray"

  1. Film-Method | Just Effing Entertain Me on Sun, 10th Jul 2011 1:51 pm 

    [...] Cindy, Aydrea and I had a ridiculous amount of fun and wound up talking a lot about networking in Hollywood. For your listening pleasure, here is a link to the podcast. [...]

  2. Craig Tarry on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 6:52 am 

    Great podcast! Film-Method is now officially the most comprehensive filmmaking podcast on the web! Julie Gray gave an inside view of what confronts an aspiring writer in Hollywood, and that’s important information, since independent filmmakers are not able to pay for scripts, leaving writers dependent on established production companies and studios for their livelihood.
    Very good work, I’m looking forward to upcoming podcasts!
    Concord, Ca.

  3. David Duval on Tue, 12th Jul 2011 5:36 pm 

    I actually had somebody say to me, “I’ll come up with the ideas, and you just write them.” Oh boy.

    As far as loving your stories until script ten: “Be wrong, but never in doubt.”

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