How do I go about raising money for my film?

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Q: How do I go about raising money for my film?

Talk to EVERYONE you can think of, tell them about what you’re doing and make sure they know that you need the funds to do it.  Make sure you are passionate and integral with what you say you can deliver, but most of all, do your homework.  Meaning, have a business plan put together, make it look professional, know the trends, know where you’re movie is going once it is finished.  Making a movie is a business and you are asking someone to part with their hard-earned cash to make your business a reality.  Respect that!  It always floors me when I talk to filmmakers about the projects they are trying to raise money for and all they talk about is the story and the sets and the artistic part of it.  I’m going to be blunt here, 90% of the people you are going to get money from don’t care about that.  They care about how they are going to have a shot at making their money back.  It’s true that there are investors out there who have so much cash they don’t care if they make it back, but they are few and far between.  If you are a filmmaker and you don’t care one lick about the business side, then find a producer who does care and get them to put a business plan together.  My biggest piece of advice on this is HAVE A PLAN and PUT IT IN WRITING so that everyone knows what your plan is and so that you know what your plan is.

Writing Method Starts Tuesday, September 6th!

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Aydrea Walden’s Bio

A former news reporter, Aydrea has since written for Nickelodeon, NBC/Universal, Highlander Films, Hawaii Film Partners, Makers Studios, iO West, The Second City Los Angeles, NowWrite! Screenwriting and Disney. She has also been featured on and runs the satirical blog The Oreo Experience – Life as a Total Whitey Trapped in a Black Chick’s Body.  (

Introducing the New Film Method Mail Bag

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The Film Method Mail Bag is an opportunity for you to ask us questions you have about making your own film. Producer Jenna Edwards will be answering your questions in her weekly blog found on her website at Email us at with your questions today!


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