Tales from the Con: Lost Part Two

July 29, 2009 by cindy  
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DSC02205July 29, 2009

(continued) The lights dimmed and the famed image of the Lost horizon came up on the projector screen. Slowly all the Season 6 Lost characters faded onto the screen leaving a hole in the middle for a rear facing… John Locke! Woo hoo! Pure awesome. The lights came up and Damon and Carlton strode onto stage like the rock stars they are. They told us that since this is the last year for Lost at Comic Con that they wanted the day to be about fan appreciation. That’s something that’s always been so cool about being apart of the Lost fan base. The guys really care about the fans and go over and above expectations to give us as much cool content as they possibly can. Everything from video games to Oceanic airlines websites to a multitude of mobisodes with extra content for those viewers who will search for it. It’s always special and it’s always spectacular.

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