Episode Eighty-Seven: Music in Film

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It’s hard to imagine a movie without music. Music is one of the key elements in filmmaking and is  used to help set the tone of a film as well as supplement emotional arcs of characters. The topic is vast, but we attempt to scratch the surface with composer Paul Spaeth and music manager Susan Thampi. In this episode we discuss budgeting for music, licensing, and working with a composer to score your film.

Susan Thampi- Music Manager

Susan has worked in all areas of the film industry including development, distribution, and both live action and animation production. A graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the Thornton School of music, she got her start in post-production at Kennedy Marshall productions, after selling her couch on craigslist to an executive at Warner Bros. She has worked on over twenty freelance independent productions in various roles including production designer, editor, and producer.  She joined DreamWorks Animation in 2009, and was named Music Manager for the studio in January 2011. That same month, she released her first solo classical music album entitled Chanson Boheme, a fusion of opera and world music. She is currently working on the animated feature Puss in Boots for DreamWorks, set to release in theatres on November 4, 2011.

Susan’s Website

Paul Spaeth- Composer

Paul Spaeth’s soaring yet poignant artistry has inspired admiration from a large and diverse audience. At MP3.com, upon reaching over 1.6 million downloads, Paul Spaeth was recognized as the Top Artist in LA and remained in the Top-Ten of Amazon’s download charts for months.

Evidence of his wide-ranging musical appeal began with winning the Pepsi-Summerfest Talent Search at age 15; as a solo pianist competing against rock bands. Since then, mentors such as Morten Lauridsen (composer-in-residence, LA Master Chorale) and film composer Christopher Young (The Shipping News, Spiderman 3) have praised Spaeth for his “innate talent” and rare melodic sensitivity.

Paul Spaeth rides the line between silver screen, stage, and concert hall with resounding success. Spaeth’s work in cinema has premiered at such prestigious film festivals as Toronto, Monaco, Naples, and Montreal. Since the premiere of his first orchestral piece at age 17, his award-winning concert works have been recorded by some of the leading artists of his generation. Spaeth’s artistry has inevitably attracted high-profile producers, agents and multi-platinum songwriters, and in 2003 he won the Recording Academy’s Grammy Scholarship Award.

Paul Spaeth attributes his success to his philosophy of the “numinous experience in music”: a clarity and directness that draws individuals to an intensely personal experience. As said by one listener, “The subtleties strike us honestly, driving to the core of who and what we are.”

Spaeth Music

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Episode Forty-Six: Little Pie Music

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Little Pie Music is a music production and licensing company for film, television and new media. Join us as we talk to music consultant Sandra Rostirolla and composer Kurt Oldman about their business and the business of music in film.


The Business of Music

Sandra Rostirolla- Music Consultant

Sandra has an MBA (La Sierra University) & BAppSc (University of Sydney). She entered the music industry as singer/songwriter playing in and around Los Angeles with her band, Thyme. She has worked as a freelance Music Supervisor and Talent Manager and has been involved with music licensing and contracts for over 10 years.

Kurt Oldman- Composer

Kurt studied the Conservatory of Music, Switzerland, The Lucerne Swiss Jazz School and UCLA. He also undertook master classes with famed film composer Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, The Grudge). Kurt has scored several award winning films including: All Along, Best Romantic Feature, Hollywood Film Festival; Learning To Swim, Showtime Award; Babysitter Wanted, Best Feature, Nuremburg Film Festival and Callous Best Film, IndieFest & Audience Award RIFF. Other notable projects includes the Killer Tracks licensing CD, Homicide By Kurt Oldman and the score for Konami/Cartoon Networks Ben 10 Force.

Soonami Productions