Episode Sixty-Six: Bank On It

March 16, 2011 by cindy  
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The  second episode of our season about production, highlights a very important element in starting production, the money. Executive Producer Tony Boldi stops by to share some of his experiences with us and to explain the pros and cons of starting production without all the money in the bank.

Tony Boldi- Executive Producer

Tony has completed over 500 plus projects from acting to producing since moving to Southern California back in 1996. He is the project manager for a television series which is based on an Academy Award accredited feature film from his current distribution company.

Tony is one of the owners of a very successful acting school in Hollywood (BCC: Boldi/Cardwell-Classes for the serious actor) with his business partner Steve Cardwell from his former acting school where he just received his PhD.

Tony has drummed with, performed with and been the DJ to countless celebrities over his career and was even the Key Art Awards Stage Director at the famous Kodak Theatre where they hold the Academy Awards each year. He was the casting director as well as the drummer for the Armenian Grammy Award Winning Best Music Video of the Year Ashoon starring SAKO.

Tony just recently finished writing two of his own original screen plays entitled Humble Pie and The Ultimate Chess Move which are both due out sometime in the near future.

Jenna Edwards- Producer/Co-Host

Jenna Edwards began her film career in Minnesota where she was signed on as talent with Easter Hailey. Quickly after being signed Edwards was hired by the agency as a full time employee giving her a head-start on her Hollywood education. After two years of rising through the Minnesota film community Edwards made the move to Los Angeles.

Soon after Edwards moved to Los Angeles she was hired by Agent Jamie Ferrar. It was while Edwards was working for Ferrar that she developed an interest in the casting process, before long she had moved from talent agencies to working in casting with such industry leaders as Sally Steiner (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World), Barbie Block (Jonas, Pepper Dennis) and Allison Jones (Super Bad, The Office). During this time Edwards was also able to gain valuable production experience working on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, and working with studios like Disney, MTV, FOX and CBS.

After several years of successfully navigating her career through the Hollywood studio system Edwards made the leap to independent film with her first feature April Showers. After her success with April Showers Edwards formed Mattoid Entertainment with partners Jeremy McGovern and Andrew Robinson where they made, In the Darkness,  the first narrative feature to ever premiere on Hulu.com.  Most recently Edwards made her way back to Nebraska, where she shot April Showers, to team up with some new filmmakers on a comedy film called Trunk’d.

Episode Twenty-Four: A Pre-view of Post-production

January 20, 2010 by cindy  
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Episode24_photoWait a minute, a show about post-production during our pre-production season? Wha? Before you write us off as crazy loons just hold up a second and listen to reason. In order to save time and money during post you will need to consult your post-production team during pre-production to make it easier for your editor to properly handle the camera work-flow.


Episode Twenty-Four Guests

Mark Fletcher- Online Editor/Post Production Supervisor

Mark_FletcherMark Fletcher was raised in central Maine, and spent most of his childhood tinkering with computers. In college, he joined the digital filmmaking revolution, and switched his major from computer science to media arts. After working on a number of projects for both television and theatrical release, he discovered that his passion was in post production. Being a techie at heart, Mark very much enjoys online editing and digital intermediate work, and he loves finding ways to use new technology to help aid the visual storytelling process. In recent years, he has gravitated towards the role of post production supervisor, and he is also an Avid instructor at Video Symphony in Burbank, CA.

To find out more about Mark or to contact him, please visit his website at www.postcrew.com

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor


For more information about Jenna see the About page or click here.

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