Episode Sixty-One: Digital Distribution and You

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Are you currently producing a feature film or have you recently finished production on one? Do you have big plans to sell it to a studio for a big payday or even, *gulp*, planning on sending it to Sundance? Those are both fantastic goals, but what is the likelihood of a big studio exec coming along and writing you a 6 figure check for your film or actually getting your film into Sundance? In the current climate it’s becoming more and more unlikely that you and your film will take either path. Distribution expert Jason Brubaker from Filmmaking Stuff joins us to kick off our month of shows dedicated to the topic of distribution. Jason and guest hosts Jenna Edwards and Aydrea ten Bosch sit down to talk about the highs and lows that come with digitally distributing your content. Jason is also our guest blogger of the month and has graced us with his wisdom in the article “How to Sell Your Movie Checklist” on the Film Method site.

Jason Brubaker- Producer/Author

Jason Brubaker is a Hollywood based Independent Motion Picture Producer and an expert in Video On Demand distribution. He is focused on helping YOU make, market and sell movies more easily by growing your fan base, building buzz and creating community around your title.

Jason is a contributing author of The Independent’s Guide to Film Distributors, he is the founder of Filmmaking Stuff, a professional resource for independent filmmakers, and his articles on independent movie marketing, distribution and film production have been featured in The Independent, the New York Film Academy and Movie Maker Magazine.

Brubaker has has lectured on these subjects to filmmakers from around the globe through various filmmaking seminars, panel discussions and workshops. www.freefilmmakingbook.com

Jenna Edwards- Producer

Jenna Edwards began her film career in Minnesota where she was signed on as talent with Easter Hailey. Quickly after being signed Edwards was hired by the agency as a full time employee giving her a head-start on her Hollywood education. After two years of rising through the Minnesota film community Edwards made the move to Los Angeles.

Soon after Edwards moved to Los Angeles she was hired by Agent Jamie Ferrar. It was while Edwards was working for Ferrar that she developed an interest in the casting process, before long she had moved from talent agencies to working in casting with such industry leaders as Sally Steiner (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World), Barbie Block (Jonas, Pepper Dennis) and Allison Jones (Super Bad, The Office). During this time Edwards was also able to gain valuable production experience working on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, and working with studios like Disney, MTV, FOX and CBS.

After several years of successfully navigating her career through the Hollywood studio system Edwards made the leap to independent film with her first feature April Showers. After her success with April Showers Edwards formed Mattoid Entertainment with partners Jeremy McGovern and Andrew Robinson where they made, In the Darkness,  the first narrative feature to ever premiere on Hulu.com.  Most recently Edwards made her way back to Nebraska, where she shot April Showers, to team up with some new filmmakers on a comedy film called Trunk’d.

Mattoid Website

Aydrea ten Bosch- Writer/Producer

Aydrea, a former news reporter, has been a freelance writer for Nickelodeon and Hawaii Film Partners, a staff writer for Disney and currently has a feature film in post production with Highlander Films. Aydrea has been a finalist in the AAA Creative Screenwriting Contest and while at Disney, one of her scripts was chosen to represent the network before the Emmy Nominating Committee. She also runs the blog The Oreo Experience.

For more information about Aydrea or to contact her please visit her website at www.theoreoexperience.com

White on the Inside Christmas Video

Meet and Greet/Haiti Fundraiser Event

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Not only will this be a networking event, but we’ve decided to help out the Haiti relief effort by holding a fundraiser as well. All proceeds from the event will go to a special organization that we’re partnering up with called Life Time International. LTI has been working with local Haitians for several years on multiple projects, including installing water facilities, community development training, and recently helping send a three year old earthquake burn victim to a children’s hospital in the U.S.

Red Mile Road Brewery and Izze Sparkling Juice have generously offered all proceeds from donations for their products to Haiti relief.

We are also excited to be working with Mental Eclectic for this event and will be showing a few short film selections from their Shorts and Spirits Showcase.

It will be a fun evening and it’s for a good cause as well!

Film Method Meet-Up October 20th

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Method Mate Update

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September 9, 2009

There won’t be a new episode released this week. I’ll give you a week off to catch up on past episodes! There is some Film Method news, though. I am pleased to announce the addition of three new Method Mates to the Film Method family! Video Symphony TV & Film Post Production Institute, Momentum Creative Studios, and Indie Printing.

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