Episode Eleven: The AD Experience

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Episode11_photoYou may assume that an assistant director on a film set is helping to actually direct the movie. Judging by the name alone it would be easy to come to that conclusion. What you may not know is that the ADs are responsible for coordinating every department on set and all the actors as well. The different AD jobs are some of the most important on a film project and definitely not for the faint of heart.


Episode Eleven Guests


Josh Garrell

Josh Garrell is a Producer and Director who began his career working as an AD. He has worked on projects from ten million dollar features to zero dollar shorts to music videos, commercials and industrials ranging everywhere in-between. He was given his first opportunity by a friend and strongly believes in doing the same for other people whenever possible. He is very fond of the saying “lead by example”, as that is the best way of motivating the people around you while making sure you don’t forget where you come from. Josh is an Emerson graduate who originally hails from NY. He would like you to know that he is always looking for new job opportunities, so please feel free to contact him at joshgarrell@yahoo.com… oh, and he would also like the ladies to know he’s single…


Dominik Rausch

Dominik Rausch, born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, began to write and produce short films in 1999. After starting out as a documentary filmmaker, he discovered that it is narrative and commercial filmmaking, where his true strengths are. After reading and learning about the great spirit of American filmmaking, Rausch, then 20, decided to move to Los Angeles in 2007 to acquire his Bachelor of Art in Film and TV Producing at Columbia College Hollywood. In 2008, his internship as assistant to the producers of the critically acclaimed indie feature April Showers lead to many more assistant directing jobs on film, TV, and commercial sets, including projects for Comedy Central. Dominik met actress/writer Illeana Douglas during the filming of April Showers, where they formed a friendship and have since worked together on the first season of her innovative and successful web series Easy to Assemble. Rausch has come on board to coordinate production and relations with IKEA for the web series and as a producer to season 2. He is excited to be producing and working with Illeana on future projects.

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor

For more information about Jenna see the About page or click here.

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2 Comments on "Episode Eleven: The AD Experience"

  1. Dan McClure on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 6:02 pm 

    Thanks to Dominik, Josh, Jenna & Cindy for breaking down the different AD responsibilities. It certainly sounds like a very challenging job. I know it was very confusing, initially, trying to understand the particular roles of the Director, AD, Producers etc. It sounds more and more like a business as opposed to an artistic endeavor. Being able to spend so much attention to the mechanics of making a film and still producing something artistic is a tribute to all who do the work. The podcast presented on this subject was very helpful in providing a better incite to this process. It takes some amazingly sharp people to be able to put this all together. I was curious how Dominik got involved in AD work when he is such a great musical composer?


  2. Film Methid needs an index page on Fri, 29th Oct 2010 7:22 pm 

    Hello, I would like to suggest an index page so people can more easily find your former pod casts. I was looking for “The AD experience friday night and I had to click “Next Page” 5-6 times and look through all of the pages, because I couldn’t remember the Episode number (Episode 11 as it turned out)

    This means, of course that your older podcasts are getting buried by your new pages. The link below is to http://www.onthepage.tv on script writing. If you go to that page, you will see all the former podcasts on that site, with their titles, a brief description and link to it, side bar with monthly links, etc. It’s pretty simple really.

    You guys have some great pod casts; it would be a shame for all the old ones with all that info to never get listened to.


    Thanks – Craig Tarry

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