Episode Nineteen: The Script Masters

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Episode19_photoIn our first episode of Season Two we talk to two heroes of pre-production: 1st AD and script supervisor. These two positions are crucial to the pre-pro phase of making a film. As we learn in this episode, the better prepared these two are for your production, the smoother the gears will run.


Episode Nineteen Guests

Elaine Gibson- 1st AD

Elaine_DriveThruA born and raised Californian, Elaine was raised in a family of photographers, painters, and writers, so her passion for the arts started early on. An adventurer since birth, Elaine has traveled the globe seeking out the new and unknown in art, which has taken her to 4 different continents. Though she spent her freshman year of college at Iona College in New York, a fateful 3-month trip to China soon landed Elaine in UCLA’s School of Film and TV. Despite studying to become a director, her constant need for a challenge and the joy of organizing choas lead her to assistant directing her peers’ films. She graduated UCLA TFT in 2005, with an award in socially conscious film making, as well as numerous films as an AD under her belt. After working for the likes of Scott Rudin and John Daly, Elaine decided her passion really lies with independent film. Elaine’s addiction to the unbridled energy of Indie sets, and the belief that working through challenges only make movies better, has time and again drawn her to the 1st AD’s seat. Elaine currently works as 1st AD and Producer on independent films.

Amy Arter- Script Supervisor

Amy_ArterAmy Arter grew up in San Diego. After studying at San Diego State University, Amy, who had always loved film but never thought there was a career in it for her, took a job in the art department on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 where fate placed her work station directly behind the Script Supervisor.  After a week watching the Script Supervisor work and finding out what the job entailed, Amy was hooked.  She immediately researched the job and was lucky enough to study under veteran Script Supervisor Robert Gary.

Soon after her training, Amy started working as a Script Supervisor and has been working consistently ever since.  She has been a script supervisor on over 45 different productions in the film, tv, internet and commercial world.

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor

Jenna_ResizedFor more information about Jenna, see the About page or click here.

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  1. Dan McClure on Thu, 19th Nov 2009 4:07 pm 

    Cindy, nice you are starting your new FilmMethod season. The session regarding pre-production was very informative. It was good to hear Elaine, Amy & Jenna give the audience incite into something some people might never think about, scheduling and logistical planning before production. I remember seeing Elaine the most around the April Showers set and wondering just what her role was. She appeared to be keeping the show rolling by most accounts. While watching everyone work I tried to become familiar with what particular duties each person had. It can be really confusing trying to understand. I find it interesting to discover how much Amy was involved as a Script Supervisor. I was aware from reading the April Showers crew bio’s who she was but not how she played out in the film. Wasn’t aware of what a Script Supervisor was or really what 1st AD entailed. Jenna’s analogy of the Script Supervisor being the Editor’s eyes on set was good. Very important to have qualified individuals for these roles. So all the info. provided was very helpful. A particular question came to mind when you were talking about pre-production meetings, planning etc. When all come together to scout out the preliminaries related to schedules & logistics do the DP’s get involved. I was thinking when talk of scheduling occurred how much time is involved in set up related to camera work. Do the Script Supervisors & AD have a good idea how long, generally, to plan for this during a particular shoot or do they need prior advice from the DP to help in scheduling? Good job everyone!


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