Episode Seventy-Two: The 2nd A.D.s

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The role of the 2nd A.D. is an extremely important one and is very different from that of the 1st A.D. While the 1st A.D. spends all of his or her time on set, the 2nd A.D. is primarily in the production office, working with the producers to make sure that the production is running smoothly and planning the next day’s shoot. Holden Hume and Meredith Corrado join us to discuss both the 2nd A.D. and the 2nd 2nd A.D. positions in depth and explain how their jobs fit in to the grand scheme of a film production.

Holden Hume- 2nd A.D.

Holden was born in Sterling, Colorado and lived most of his life in Sidney, Nebraska.  He gained a love of film at an early age, watching everything he could, which was at times difficult given the fact that the nearest movie theater was 30 miles away. When the local theater opened back up some years later, Holden began writing movie reviews for the local paper. He later went on to earn his degree in Film and Video studies at the University of Oklahoma. After graduation he moved to LA to pursue a career
in film production. He started out in LA as an intern for a small production company on the back lot of Universal Studios by day, and a night Auditor for a motel on Hollywood Blvd by night (an experience that was about as far removed from small town Nebraska as you can get). Holden’s first industry job was as a PA for 300 dollars a week on a small Horror Movie called DARK RIDE. He and went on to become a 2nd 2nd AD a 2nd AD and eventually a 1st AD for non-union productions Film and Television. He met his wife Meredith Corrado (also an AD), on a film set, and they now have a 1 year old son named Homer. They are both currently ADing, producing and writing. They live in the San Fernando Valley.

To get in touch with Holden or Meredith you can email them at hume8617@yahoo.com

Meredith Corrado- Producer, 2nd 2nd A.D.

I was born in Albany, NY, raised in Mexico, MO, and went to college at Hendrix College in Conway, AR.  After college, I moved to Chicago, IL for a few years, and at some point realized I wanted to make movies.  I volunteered my help at Movieside Film Festival and quickly fell into working on a documentary.  Around the same time, my twin sister was graduating from special effects school and wanted to move to Los Angeles, and here we are.  Finding a job in Los Angeles wasn’t easy, as I found out, you need to know someone.  I went from Production Assistant to Craft Services and eventually up the Assistant Director ladder to now Producing.  With my own production company, Corrado Studios, my husband and I get to work together doing what we love.

Jenna Edwards- Producer, Film Method Co-Host

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