Episode Ninety-One: Super Post

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When tackling post-production you want to have someone on board that knows the ins and outs of managing your post-production team and who is familiar with working with a number of different film formats. It’s also extremely important to work with a supervisor who is an expert in film deliverables in order to handle all the requests you will receive should you be lucky enough to work with a domestic or foreign distributor.

Anthony Gore-Post Production Supervisor

I have been the Executive in Charge of Post Production for the independent film production company, The Bubble Factory for over 11 years.  Most notably on the films: Playing Mona Lisa (2000), Bad Girls From Valley High (2005), The Devil’s Tomb (2009) and Creature (2011).  My other post production credits include the Adult Swim hit TV series Childrens Hospital and the cult classic television show, Sordid Lives: The Series, as well as the critically acclaimed independent films, West Of Brooklyn and Revolution Green. Currently I am supervising the independent film For The Love Of Money starring James Caan. I am a graduate of Rutgers University and I am an active member of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild and Producer’s Guild of America.

Film Method Hosts

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Q: When dealing with distribution, is it smarter to try to find a “post-house” before you start your project?

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Q: When dealing with distribution, is it smarter to try to find a “post-house” before you start your project? Or is it more common to get a deal after you’ve finished the film?

Stuart S., New Holland Pennsylvania

I am a big believer in planning.  Therefore, I would interview your editor as one of the first crew members you want to bring on the project.  They are going to be able to give you great script notes and you will be able to plan a post-production schedule with their input, which they will appreciate.  Whether you have a large enough budget to go to a “post-house” or you have to piece your crew together individually (which some people prefer), get quotes and interview that post house/individuals in pre-production.  If you can, bring on a post-production supervisor as they will be able to help you figure out what your work-flow should be on-set in order to make post run more smoothly.  If you do not have a lot of funds for post-production, then you will need to do even more planning so make sure you are thinking of post-production early on during pre-production.  It will save you time and money in the end, not to mention making everyone’s life easier.  Remember, post-production is one of the most costly parts of making a film and good post can make or break your project so please budget accordingly.

Episode Twenty-Five: Sounds Good

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Episode25_PhotoThe sound design on a film is more important than most people realize. Of course it’s not until you hear bad sound that you realize how important it is for it to be good. Craig Polding joins us to explain the different roles in the sound department and he also gives some good tips on preparing your production for good quality sound.


Episode Twenty-Five Guests

Craig Polding- Sound Designer

Craig_PoldingCraig Polding grew up in Ohio where after graduating from high school he attended The University of Akron receiving his degree in English Literature. Craig had the opportunity to travel, backpacking through Europe for 2 months taking in the wonderful colors of the European culture. Craig has always had a love of music and sound and had played in several bands before discovering his true love of Sound Design through a musician friend. He quickly enrolled at Video Symphony in Burbank and studied the art of Sound Editing and Design. Craig has worked on short films, animation, documentaries and feature films as a freelance Sound Designer and Sound Editor as well as for several post audio facilities.

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor


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Episode Twenty-Four: A Pre-view of Post-production

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Episode24_photoWait a minute, a show about post-production during our pre-production season? Wha? Before you write us off as crazy loons just hold up a second and listen to reason. In order to save time and money during post you will need to consult your post-production team during pre-production to make it easier for your editor to properly handle the camera work-flow.


Episode Twenty-Four Guests

Mark Fletcher- Online Editor/Post Production Supervisor

Mark_FletcherMark Fletcher was raised in central Maine, and spent most of his childhood tinkering with computers. In college, he joined the digital filmmaking revolution, and switched his major from computer science to media arts. After working on a number of projects for both television and theatrical release, he discovered that his passion was in post production. Being a techie at heart, Mark very much enjoys online editing and digital intermediate work, and he loves finding ways to use new technology to help aid the visual storytelling process. In recent years, he has gravitated towards the role of post production supervisor, and he is also an Avid instructor at Video Symphony in Burbank, CA.

To find out more about Mark or to contact him, please visit his website at www.postcrew.com

Jenna Edwards- Resident Producing Advisor


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